Some time has passed since my last post….a good moment for me to gather up thoughts that have come up whilst drawing to sound.

What is the difference between a sound/ sounds and a song?

I am thinking about rock and how solid, ancient and heavy it is.

…dense matter of deep time.

Sound, similar to light in as such that it is ephemeral and yet has the power to touch us deeply.

Can sound inspire form, if so how?

Sound forms sound waves full of geometry and symmetry and how do I respond to sound, which forms do I draw, sculpt when listening to sound? 

As mentioned in one of my previous blog post I have started to listen to birdsong, collecting recordings, drawing to them.

Some of you might remember when I worked with light. Drawings from a couple of years ago were based on how light moves in architectural spaces, with the result that I drew often sheets of light, layering them.

Looking back I was trying to understand the science of light, holding on to some qualities of this material.

I am not a scientist…my job is to give my interpretation of a material, be it light or sound or solid rock.

This realisation is giving me permission to tap into my own observations and experiences and to create new once for myself and for you my audience.

I love the sharing aspect of my work, I see it as an integral part of what I do.