Jun 18, 2019 | Musings, Time

A few months ago Simon send some of his new compositions out on social media long before the album release.

I am a big fan of his music and listened to some of these brand-new pieces of beautiful ambient, spacious, calm yet alerting music and felt moved to draw whilst listening…imagining the bow stroking over the strings, creating layers of movement, vibration, sound, echoes and internal spaces…creating space is for me a strong quality of Simon’s music.

Music that makes space rather than taking space.

Those of you familiar with my work, this drawing is quite different to many others at the time. I got in touch with Simon that day as I wanted to share with him my response to his music.

To cut a long story short…this drawing is now, as you can see, the album cover for his newly released album Border Land.

If you had a chance to read my recent blogs…Simon is now playing the cello in the upcoming ‘Sound-Installation’ in Gloucester Cathedral…

‘Border Land’ is now available on band camp, let me get the link for you…there you go


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