Ciao Pietrasanta

Quickly, I am putting all my things together this morning, I could not bare thinking about leaving last night…the train leaves Pietrasanta at 8am.

I just about manage to fill the last bits of space in my bag with freshly baked pizza for my family.

Ticket from the tobacco shop, I am nervous and don’t manage to ask for it in Italian.

The person in front is the priest who closed with a friendly smile the duomo on the day I arrived.

Closure…and yet it feels like leaving home.

There is something here that has slipped under my skin, others said the same….’this place grows on you’.

I think from what I can make out so far, it is the history of sculpture making that has lived here since roman times, a network of everything sculpture…from material to highly skilled artisanos to sculptors from all over the world travelling here, living here, working here. I can imagine being myself here and having the framework needed to realise ambitious work.

I am rushing to not feel to upset which works well until I sit down on the train and put my headphones on.

leaving PietrasantaPietrasanta station

In a cloud of music and overtired sadness I walk on the plane.

leaving TuscanyPietrasanta?

Bristol arrives under us in no time.

I will be back.

Of the how and when I am not sure yet.

Ciao Pietrasanta!

Where next?