Guiseppe Penone’s piece Spazio di Luce (exhibited at Whitechapel Gallery/ London until 11.08.2013) triggered following thoughts..Penone  uses beeswax as a memory of action, touch of the workers that apply the wax is remembered in the marks of their fingerprints, he parallels the power of the touch with the power of water that sculpted a boulder  (exhibited with mirror boulder sculpted by Penone). He says about touch, “the first experience of a child is tactile, only later does a child interpret reality with sight.” In the exhibition guide mentioned is how Penone rejects the heroic attempt to overcome nature, the artist’s humility in his enthusiastic embrace of the uncertainty, malleability and instability that lies at the heart of the natural world is evident in his work. “Spazio di Luce” for me has many different aspects and I am only beginning to understand this piece of work, no doubt will I go back to visit it.