Over the last few years I have observed light and have accustomed myself to its characteristics.

Light is there, present with its different states, direct, defused, blinding or flipping into night…moon light being a whole other thing.

Most of all I notice how fast and cruel sound around me is but then these sounds that I hear right now outside the window are the sounds of a city so it is sound made by humans.

Natural sound is perhaps very different, I want to explore this and luckily can in the next few days.

Light to me is slow, natural light as it moves through the day, I tried so hard to be able to notice how it shifts from one millimetre to the next, taking human made markers as my guards but it almost seems I can only notice a change by looking away for a few minutes after being continue where the light was when I last looked.

Was I perhaps always looking at this movement more than other aspects? Yes, I think so.

My recent installations are concerned with just that, the light moving and the shadows making that very movement possible.

Now as I try to observe sound I again tapp into its movement but I notice how I can not really cope with its speed and variety, it is too much too fast.

It is interesting to compare materials in this way and I think immediately that perhaps for the sound-installation in the crypt I want to focus on exactly this and play with time and compare, swap, intersect the movement of natural light with the movement of sound natural or human induced…

‘Sound Map’ May 2019

‘Sound Map’ May 2019

Light travels 186282 miles per second

Sound  343 metres per second

So there is something not correct here with my experience or say I have not fully grasped it as I am viewing the movement of the sun around the earth as the speed of light and human generated sounds as the speed of sound.

The speed of light is so fast that in a vacuum it can travel around the world 7.5 times per second whilst in that same time sound will have travelled 343 m….that explains why we see lighting before we hear thunder.

As children we often stood on the balcony with our father watching thunderstorms and we had to count the seconds from the moment we saw the lightning…the seconds counted resembled the kilometres of the distance of the thunderstorm…less seconds meant the storm was very close.

Excitement…fear…anticipation…waiting for the moment when light and sound collide.