Pietrasanta day 1

Sep 7, 2018 | Light, Time

Bristol Airport

On my way..6am departure lounge Bristol airport..sleepy faces, disorientated, vulnerable softness, meets hardcore consumerism, brightly lit shops, glitzy black floors, long queues in Superdrug and Starbucks, we are told what to do in the most sneaky and blunt way that seems harsh at any time but especially at this time of day…bright sunlight as I am walking to the Gate…shadows often wake me up music in one ear, keeping myself to myself…every now and then a face fascinates me and I can’t help but stare…at those sleepy faces.



The first moments of arrival feel like stale bread..a different country..I barely speak a word of Italian and shy to ask if people speak English, the atmosphere of this little town breaths tourism, has churches at every corner and a villa on a hill near by…will explore tomorrow.

Why did I come here? I guess to experience some history of stone carving and this can certainly be seen round every corner..courtyards open up to marble carving workshops, every little street has several ‘galerias’ selling accessible work..a living is made.

I am in search for something quite different and I guess for this I need to take myself away from the mainstream.




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