Pietrasanta day 7

So, this is really my last day working here for now. By now I am certain I want to come back one way or another to work here, life here for some time.

Going to the workshop has become a routine, I am glad I was able to focus in on some work and that is all I do.

Today I am sanding smoothing, cutting fine lines into the sphere caps by hand, I don’t question what I am doing, I am doing and it feels right, I enjoy that my head stands still and my hands and the material ask things of me that I do. I am rooted and calm whilst running my hands over this piece of marble again and again. A repetitive process that has nothing of the boredom repetition can have.

I want to align the rims today, complete the forms so they run even under my touch. Sight can not detect faults anymore, at least not for now.

Today the weather is dull and I wont be able to see if the sun penetrates the edges, I will have to wait until my return in the UK and wait for a sunny moment.

I have not yet addressed my idea to work with the gravity of this piece and again I will give it thought when I am back home.

Here are the last moments of working in Pietrasanta, shortly after this Christian wrapped the carving up fro a safe journey in my rucksack.

finishing toucheshappy with it all

Colomba invited Simone and myself to her home for her to show us some of her work, we talked about some aspects of photography, size of images and what happens when the two dimensional moves towards relief…working with restrictions and how restrictions are beneficial for work and the creative process.

A week ago I packed my things to come here, today I look back over the last few days. I am grateful for the people I met here, the conversations that happened, for everybody’s generosity. When going blindly into the world, when stepping away from the usual comforts, the kindness of strangers is powerful and necessary to survive.

When back at home I’ll remind myself that we all are strangers in most places on this planet.

I experienced the gift of openness towards me and strangers have become friends in the few days we shared together and I hope it won’t be long before we see each other again.






 shipping containers for sculptures