See-Through Squares

Collaboration with composers Emily Hall and David Sheppard commissioned by London Sinfonietta 

Based on the idea of a wind chime we developed a instrument measuring its own movement.

A exciting challenge to create a ‘machine’ with the ability to collect a variety of data, initiating layers of music, visuals and shadow projections.

Next performance 03.11.16 Iceland Airwaves

IMG_1136 (1)

I am currently working on a music reactive mobile, being played by composers Emily Hall and David Sheppard as part of the  London Sinfonietta Short/ King’s Place – 28th September 2016 9AM

In September 2016, I collaborated with composer Emily Hall and sound designer David Sheppard on building a interactive musical sculpture.

Artwork For Sale

I draw to think and get a feel for a subject I am interested in.
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Ann-Margreth Bohl