Some time has passed since my last post….a good moment for me to gather up thoughts that have come up whilst drawing to sound.

What is the difference between a sound/ sounds and a song?

How do I manage to not run before walking and how do I manage to find boundaries that are helpful in this unlimited material.

I am thinking about rock and how solid, old and heavy it is.

Full of matter.

Sound is much more similar to light in as such that it does not weigh but yet has the power to touch us deeply.

Can sound inspire form?

It does by forming sound waves which are when put through a medium full of geometry and symmetry. How do I respond to sound when it is put through me? That is what I want to find out.

As mentioned in my previous blog post I have started to listen to birdsong, recording it collecting it, drawing it…perhaps over time I will find out how sound behaves in me?