Big day…the whole team ‘Sound-Installation-Gloucester-Cathedral-Crypt’ met in the crypt, slyde, whispering gallery of Gloucester Cathedral thanks to Helen Jeffreys our contact to the cathedral we were able to freely start exploring sound, song, voice and the acoustics of a variety of those special places.

My brain was fizzing by the end of it all, filled with new discoveries and the excitement to start this journey with fellow collaborators Simon McCorry, Eleanor Holliday and Sid Wells.

All of us bring a variety of tools to this and together we are now developing what is going to be a sound-installation to be experienced by many later this year.

Simon a fantastic cellist unpacked his cello soon after we arrived in the crypt and Elle had her beautiful strong voice on the ready, soon the crypt was filled with sound, harmonies, discords. I let it all flow through me, the door into a new way of hearing opened wide. Sid, expertly putting sound-scape-samples on a speaker to test the quality of sound that was emitted and how different rooms and positions within the room alter sound.

Ideas bubbling of how algorithms can be worked out for the installation, practicalities of where to position speakers….Whilst Elle’s voice and Simon’s cello animate the walls and spaces around them.

So now is time to trust that the path is unfolding bit by bit.

Exciting times ahead!

Press Start