Mariko Mori: Rebirth

Mariko Mori at the Royal Academy ,what stayed with me was the simplicity and the use of colour in sculpture,took me some time to get used to and see the how it can work together.Sitting for a long time with the piece Transcircle 1.1′, reaching a place were the rhythm of the changing colours made sense, it lost for me it’s artificial harshness and connected to a meaningful place,Tom Na H-lu II’ demonstrates a supernova,stellar explosion and death of a star,were the colour connects to a real time control system,the energy that comes across taps into a universal place…Primal Memory this installation inspires me to create work made out of sections, the subtle forms and intuitive placing of the forms, how close or far away they are from the ground they are placed on all worked and did not leave a fragmented taste.Mori builds bridges between cultures and times, between materials, connection to something big is in the air.

I left the exhibition with the awareness that Mori uses digital media, embraces and harnesses it in order to connect with our enviroment, as well as intuitive dreaming, a powerful combination.