A time & a place – New Brewery Arts, Cirencester

A time & a place – New Brewery Arts, Cirencester

A time a place

‘A time & a place’ work by Ann-Margreth Bohl about artist residencies.
Starting 17th January 2015

Ann-Margreth is a german born artist working predominantly with natural materials stone, beeswax, graphite, string, leather etc.

Through the process of making, utilising inherent qualities of the chosen materials, she explored in both residencies the physical boundaries of a architectural space, resulting in the exhibited graphite wall rubbings ‘Ceasura 1&2’.

With her most recent piece ‘Lichtspielhaus’ (old fashioned german for cinema) she is introducing light and space into her work.

The artist grew up near the border between East and West Germany, the image of ‘die Mauer’ (the Berlin wall) is often revisited in her work, trying to look at the questions why we build walls and what effect walls have on us.

‘Lichtspielhaus’ is going beyond a wall creating a space for us to go.

This work was conceived during her residency in a pillbox in Stanton St Bernard near Marlborough in Whiltshire, a solid concrete structure for english soldiers to observe and anticipate the german enemy from.

The beeswax used in this installation comes from Germany, the artist is mindful of this and of the effort that bees have put into this material that they use to store their food and protect their young.