A… light dark shadow movement stillness …space

We have been setting up in the Goods Shed one week now..I have my mind blown at times by the complexity of possibilities. Awareness is high and confusion multitude, I am learning the importance of the right light, light can change everything, it can concentrate or diffuse and to decide what we want to concentrate on is not easy considering the many possibilities given. Paul and myself have played with many possibilities in our minds, by moving pieces around, trying to let the space throw some ideas at us. For me some aspects speak strongly and they start to focus the space, intention is tangible. This time is a journey of new discoveries, I have a much better understanding of space and how everything about a space is of importance, the floor with it’s cracks, the walls, the space above our heads and the space (out of physical reach but accessible for our eyes) under the roof. Shadows, long shadows, blury shadows, shadows so close to the object that it is hard to tell the object from it’s shadow.