Without pictures

Not that I didn’t want to put pictures in today, somehow I don’t seem to be able to upload them …qualities of materials and how they can change through the influence of temperature/time/pressure etc. Why am I drawn to some materials more than others? How can I use their qualities in my work?

Water can turn into ice over a period of time, the ice builds up and forms with gravity hanging forms. I see some of my carvings as fluid forms that have turned solid. Wax has much the same quality when it turns from liquid to solid but wax has such a different history and quality to water.Stone┬áhas gone through so many changes from liquid to solid. Cloth/string/leather a skin can be build over a form (Tottery patcher image to follow), stretching over a form showing tension and the underlying form in it’s purity, wrapping something over a form is like a ritual for me, being aware of pain and trying to bring some healing…

I am itching to get making, thoughts are flying around in my mind it is time to get them on paper and into the materials mentioned.