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I want to share with you an experience I had last winter, it was just before Christmas, I walked through London, I had a bad day and it was raining. I was lost, wet and tried to make my way to the British Museum to look at the Korean ceramics.

I was not allowed to enter not because I looked like a drowned rat but because my bag that I had dragged through puddles along the way was too big.

So there I stood, lost, upset as the one door I wanted to go through shut. I kept walking and shortly after I looked through the window of the Han-Collection two men having a conversation.

I rang the bell, apologised about being soaked and having a big bag…I was warmly invited in.

This is why I am telling you this story…

I found myself standing in a room surrounded by moon-jars and moon-jar drawings, emanating peace and calm.

I instantly soaked up the calm and simplicity surrounding me of which my life back then had little of.

Here we are a few month later and calm is one big part of this uncertain time mixed with layers upon layers of pain, bliss, loss, injustices, terrible suffering and opportunity for change.

I am dropping myself into stone surrounded by simplicity and calm reminding me of that rainy day I walked into the Han- Collection .

I have a few blocks of stone piled up in our drive with the intention to create forms from a place that is meaningful for me right now.

Uncertain but moved by sound and the respect for a material millions of years old.

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