Passing Light

I have over twenty years experience in stone carving, developing a continuous understanding of this natural material and its qualities, alongside the forms it can hold in permanence.

With “Passing Light” –  an installation in stone – I am inviting changes of natural light in response to solid mass, creating a structure that harbours events of light and shadow, ever changing throughout the year as they cascade over the carved channels and forms anchored in stone.

Geological time, human time day in day out, knowing that nothing is permanent, by drawing attention to fleeting moments is what I want to convey with this artwork.

Ann-Margreth Bohl

Sculptor and Installation Artist


‘Passing Light’ in the Award Winning Quarry Garden

‘Passing Light’ in the Award Winning Quarry Garden

Some Bonkers Stonehenge A striking new monumental sculpture is going up at the National Memorial Arboretum: an imposing wall, some three metres high and fifteen metres long, with a series of cracks and grooves cut into it, designed to cast a complex and...

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Ann-Margreth Bohl